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Welcome to La Jolla Asset Management, Inc.

La Jolla Asset Management, Inc. (LJAM) is an investment advisory firm, founded in 1995. We develop and oversee portfolios of publicly traded securities, which are designed to meet the specific goals and risk preferences of an investor. Our business-based approach to investing was developed over the decade prior to the formation of the company. It reflects the principals' extensive experience in business decision-making, personal investing and understanding investors' needs.

Investment Process

Our process builds and monitors portfolios of coordinated securities that are expected to meet the specific goals of an individual client. A relationship begins with the identification of the client’s investment goals and objectives, as they relate to time horizons, current (after tax) income desires, capital preservation requirements and risk preferences. Prior to constructing a portfolio for a client, we first conduct an investment review/diagnostic for each perspective client to assist them in determining their Investment Objective and Risk Preference/Profile. Once the process is completed, we review the results with the client so that we can then develop an initial portfolio responsive to their goals and objectives.

Appreciation Portfolios

The goal of an appreciation portfolio is to protect and enhance the value and liquidity of funds entrusted to our management. Learn more

Growth & Income Portfolios

The objective of the Growth & Income portfolios is to provide a moderate level of income combined with long-term growth of capital. Learn more

Income Portfolios

The goal of an income portfolio is to meet the current revenue needs of a client and provide a modest level of capital appreciation. Learn more

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